International sommelier.
Food and wine consultant.

Wine tasting with food pairings.
Courses on how to approach wine and themed tastings. 
Food and wine experiences.
Food and wine personal shopper service.
Private events and team building. 


By selecting the best products for every occasion or format, Eva will lead you to the most interesting discoveries in the world of food and wine, thanks to relaxed, festive experiences or through more technical, educational and professional activities. By learning and tasting with a hands-on approach, you will discover how to navigate the vast world of companies and products that populate the Italian panorama and beyond.  
Eva will accompany you in the vast world of food and wine among producers, wineries and restaurateurs. She will guide people and companies to discover the universe of Italian food and wine and beyond.  

From food and wine experiences to themed trips, from private events to personal food and wine shopping, through Eva's advice it will be possible to build the perfect experience for every person and occasion.  


Eva will organize for you tailored dinners, tastings and courses, artfully created for each of your specific needs, with the possibility of choosing between the venue that suits you best: from your home to prestigious locations, and everything in-between, wherever you decide!